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Volunteer - Shelter Services

There are multiple opportunities to volunteer your time and skills working with residents of our shelter programs. JFS serves homeless families, as well as battered women and their children. Volunteers are needed in our shelters to work alongside our highly qualified professional staff. JFS operates a 24 hour hotline for women who are in abusive relationships.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Assisting on crisis hotline (Farsi and/or Spanish speaking volunteers welcome)
  • Working in domestic violence restraining order clinic
  • Accompaning women to court, when necessary
  • Assisting staff with children and teens, including day care, games, reading and helping with homework
  • Tutoring or mentoring adults and/or children
  • Assisting groups from other agencies in providing art classes, homework assistance etc.
  • Teaching a class
  • Being an inspirational speaker

The shelter based programs and their geographic locations are:

  • Family Violence Project Services for victims of domestic violence, including an emergency shelter and transitional shelter in the Valley and in the Mid-Wilshire areas. Requires special training.

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