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Family Violence Project

The JFS/Family Violence Project  provides help and counseling to survivors of domestic violence and their children. Along with a 24-hour crisis hotline, the Family Violence Project maintains emergency shelters, transitional housing, comprehensive counseling and an education and prevention outreach program. Included within FVP is a special program for older victims of domestic abuse, as well as access to specific services for the Iranian community. Family Violence Project offers a 40 hour domestic violence certificate program for volunteers and professionals. 

Someone You Know May Need Help If They Are

  • frightened by a partners temper
  • being threatened
  • verbally abused, criticized, blamed or humiliated
  • being forced to have sex
  • feel isolated, alone or afraid
  • stay in an abusive relationship because they have no where to go
  • prevented from seeing friends or relative

The JFS/Family Violence Project can help…

Call our 24-Hour crisis line
(818) 505-0900
Completely Confidential
Se habla espanol

For more information about the JFS/Family Violence Project, please contact Karen Rosenthal at (818) 789-1293 or

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